Join the Virtual Ironman

Could you exercise 6 miles / week to help a child get a family? Would you like fun accountability to exercise? Do you have a dog who would love to go for a walk each day?  If so, I have a FUN challenge for you!

Join my 2018 Team Orphans Virtual Ironman Team! You have from April 1  to September 30 to complete your miles with any exercise of your choice. You can walk, run, bike, swim, walk your dog, roller blade, ride your bike with your kids, wear a pedometer and count your steps - any exercise that is measurable by distance! You can sign up your kids or your dog too. 

Pick your Challenge!

1. Virtual Ironman 140.6 miles (6.5 miles/week)
2. Double Ironman 281 miles (13 miles/week)
3. Mega Ironman  500 miles ( 23 miles/week)

As I'm exercising and training for my Iroman race this year - September 30 in Chattanooga - you can exercise too. When I finish my race, I get a finisher T shirt and a medal. When you finish your miles, I will send you a Virtual Ironman Finisher tech shirt and a Team Orphans medal. Make a donation below to get started!  Thank you for joining my team! Spread the word and get your friends to join too!