Volunteer @ the Cookie 5k

Thank you for volunteering for our Cookie 5K! We'll need about 50 volunteers to make our race a success! Here are some of the ways you can help:

Bake Cookies: We'll have several people collecting cookies in different parts of the Grand Rapids area and you can drop them off at the closest location
Cookie Collectors: Volunteers will drop cookies off at your house on Friday and you bring them to the race Saturday between 7:45 and 8:00 am

Race day:
Set up crew- arrive between 6:00 am and 7:00 am: put out tables, trash cans, signs, cookies; set up sound system, starting line and finish line
Parking- arrive before 7:00 am: pass out race packets, check in last minute participants, sell t shirts
Registration/ check in- arrive at 6:45, help direct cars to parking areas
Cookie Table- arrive by 7:30, collect cookies, organize, stay till end of race

Milk Table- arrive by 8:00 -pour lots of milk and chocolate milk
Water stations at 1 mile and 2 mile: - arrive by 7:45: pour water into cups, pass out water to participants, clean up area, bring trash bag back to dumpster
Team Orphans booth- arrive at 7:00 am collect change and pass out change collection jars for next year, stay until end of races
Finish Line- arrive by 8:00 am: call out clock time to finishing runners, write down the winning numbers for the first three men, women, and children 12 and under
Clean up crew-starts as soon as race is over- walk the course and pick up any trash, make sure trash is in dumpster, bring back the signs and posters from the course

Thank you so much for helping!
Rebecca, race director